Parents and Families
“Because of Dr. Friedman’s ability to diagnose exactly what has been going on with our son, we’ve been able to get the treatment and services he needs.

With his help, we also got the school to provide what our son needs academically, and he’s now more successful. Dr. Friedman’s recommendations about therapy

also allowed us to capitalize on his academic success. Our son feels better about himself, and we feel incredibly relieved and proud of his progress.“

–Mary S.
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Consult with Dr. Friedman when:

  • you are concerned about your child’s lack of focus in daily activities

  • you are worried about your child’s school performance and potential learning disability

  • you are concerned about your child’s emotional or intellectual functioning following a serious illness

  • you are concerned about your child’s head injury from sports

  • you have questions about whether to medicate your child

  • you want a second opinion about the scope of treatment for your child

  • you have questions about your child’s behavior problems such as aggression, anger, depression, or anxiety

  • you want a quantifiable psychometric test to justify the need for accommodations in school or for standardized testing