Health Care Professionals
"Dr. Friedman is invaluable as a consultant for difficult cases that involve differential diagnoses, challenging medication decisions and treatment planning issues. He is vital in making treatments more effective for our patients."

–Allan Barza, MD, Psychiatrist, Addiction Medicine Specialist
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Consult with Dr. Friedman when:

  • you are a pediatrician and a parent of your patient is concerned about attention deficit or learning disability issues, school performance, emotional issues, or behavior problems. These raise questions regarding issues such as learning disabilities, ADHD, and/or psychological problems. A fair evaluation is the only way to distinguish these potential issues

  • you need an evaluation to determine what treatment may be appropriate including behavioral intervention, psychotherapy, or recommendations regarding medication

  • you need an evaluation to determine the appropriate type of medication to prescribe

  • you need an evaluation of your patient’s cognitive function to determine whether other conditions are present. Cognitive difficulties can occur with aging or following medical treatments such as anesthesia, chemotherapy, or surgery. Evaluations determine whether there is a specific impairment, and provide input regarding interventions.

  • you need an evaluation of your patient’s head injury due to an accident or sports injury